Year 6 Leavers Assembly

Year 6 welcomed children, staff, and their parents into the hall for their Leavers’ Assembly, giving them an opportunity to remember their amazing years together and share the wonderful adventures they had experienced.

“Despicable Me 2” first came out in June 2013, the year many of them were born, and this inspired them to create their assembly based on the theme of togetherness and self-discovery, just like the movie. Many of the children dressed as Minions and shared their favorite memories from their years at Coopersale Hall School with the audience.

Every child took the time to express their gratitude to the staff, men in blue, kitchen ladies, office staff, and especially to their parents for being so supportive and encouraging during their time at Coopersale Hall School. The opportunities and experiences they have relished will empower them for their future new adventures, new challenges, and new victories.

As the assembly drew to a close, the children remembered, like Gru and his Minions, that they had found strength in being together and joy in their differences. They would all go forward to their new schools, not saying goodbye, because once part of this family, they would always carry each other in their hearts as part of the Coopersale Hall family.

Throughout the assembly, the audience very much enjoyed hearing Year 6 singing and performing a number of songs together. It was wonderful to see them performing their coordinated moves with such confidence. Everyone enjoyed their final performance, and the applause was loud and heartfelt.

Mrs. Doherty was delighted to hand every child a gift from Coopersale Hall as a remembrance of their time. We wish you all good luck and wonderful adventures at your new schools.