All pupils are encouraged to help organise and support a range of activities to contribute to local and national charities. In doing so we feel it is important to raise their awareness that there are people in the world less fortunate, and that people’s practical needs can be met.

Pupils are regularly involved in various events and themed days to raise funds for worthy local and national causes. Last year we supported a number of worthy charities and good causes including the British Heart Foundation and United World Schools.

Christmas Jumper Day

We loved seeing everyone’s festive jumpers on our Christmas Jumper Day. There were jumpers of every kind, from stripes, spots, animals, Santas and sparkles.

The amount raised for St. Clare Hospice was an amazing £746!

Toy Donations

Generous parents and families donated used and pre-loved toys in good condition to the school for use by our younger children. Eco Council members enjoyed distributing them to the Early Years and KS1 rooms ready for outdoor play and wet play times.

Children In Need

Head of the School Council, Clara, organised a raffle in aid of Children in Need. Pupils from across the school could give £1 to be included in a raffle to be in with a chance of winning a giant Pudsey Bear toy.

Children in Need is a fantastic charity. It supports over 2,400 local charities and projects in communities across the UK that assist children and young people who face a variety of challenges such as poverty, disability or illness, distress, neglect, or trauma.

The amount raised was an amazing £256.50!

Harvest Festivals

The annual Harvest Festivals saw parents and pupils show their compassion and generosity through their donations to the Epping and Loughton food banks.

Mad Hair Day 2022

Pupils loved coming to school yesterday with some seriously crazy hair! We could not believe how inventive some families were. We had mermaid hair, a unicorn, a coke bottle, a bouquet of flowers and Spider-Man caught in a web… all made out of hair!

Well done to all of the teachers for also getting into the spirit of the day and coming into school with equally as crazy hair.

Thank you for all your generous donations. Between Mad Hair Day and non-uniform day, we have managed to raise £765 for three amazing charities. Water Aid, Ocean Clean Up and Voluntary Action Epping Forest.

The Big Toddle

Kindergarten from Coopersale Hall and Normanhurst joined together on Friday 24 June to participate in the Big Toddle.  The walk took place at the Suntrap Forest Centre where the children were led into the woods to discover the hidden animals along the way.

The teachers were delighted with how the children in Year 5 interacted with the younger children and were keen to hold their hands, and have a chat as they made their way back to the Suntrap Forest Centre.  Once they were back and went into a small enclosed garden we were delighted to see how the children made up their own games and played together.   They enjoyed “Ring a Ring a Rosie”, “Duck Duck Goose” and some feed the elephant with grass! It was very heart-warming how well they interacted.

Overall the children have raised over £1000 for the Barnardo’s charity!

Netball Court Food Bank Challenge

A huge amount of food was donated this year for Epping Forest Food Bank. The pupils in Year 6 laid all of the food out on the netball court, filling the whole of the goal circle. Amazing!

Haven House Donation

Haven House Children’s Hospice sent the school a personal thank you for the amazing £635.60 raised through their Christmas Jumper Day and collection at the School Carol service last year.
Thank you again to everyone that donated!

Harvest Festival 2021

Harvest Festival was filled with songs and stories from Kindergarten to Year 6. The food donations made will make a huge difference to those in need.

Kobi’s Fundraising

We are very proud of our pupil Kobi who has completed a sponsored head shave to raise money for The Kids Cancer Charity.

“On Saturday 23rd January, I saw a documentary on children with cancer, so I wanted to do my part in this world of diseases like cancer. Cancer is a horrible thing to think about  as children die every day with cancer. Hundreds of innocent adults and children die from this treacherous disease, it went through my mind what I could do to play a role to ease their suffering. I created a link for people and for family and friends to donate to me so I told all of my family and friends if they would like to donate to me my goal was £500 and if I hit that goal I would shave all my hair off but that was if I hit £500. I thought I would hit that goal in a few weeks or a month, and because of my amazingly generous family and friends, we raised £500 in less than four hours. I hit my goal I was in shock my heart was racing I couldn’t believe it.

As I made my promise that if I hit £500 I would shave all my hair so I did. I Facetimed all my family and friends so they could see my reaction live when my dad shaved my hair and as we were doing it more and more donations came in and when I went to bed with a nice, bald head before I knew it I opened up the app the next morning and had already raised £1000. Tears of joy and happiness came out of my eyes I couldn’t thank my family and friends enough.”

By Kobi

The Marine Conservation Society

During lockdown, Stanley completed a 26.2 mile indoor bike ride to raise money for his favourite charity. He started at 10.30am and finished at 4.30pm, only stopping once for some lunch, and raised £420 for the Marine Conversation Society! Well done Stanley.

The Woodland Trust and The NHS Forest

For his Oak-Tree Challenge, Nathan planned to do a seedling and keyring sale at school. But because of lockdown, the school emailed everyone instead to send their orders to Nathan. He sold out on the first day and enjoyed dropping the plants at their new homes. In total, he raised £200, with the funds being split equally between the Woodland Trust and the NHS Forest, where he sponsored 10 trees. Well done Nathan!

NHS Charities Together 

Well done to Year 3 pupil, Milo, who raised £1,275 for NHS Charities Together! Inspired by Joe Wicks, during lockdown Milo done his own sponsored HIIT session every weekday and continued until school opened again.

Harvest Festival 

Thank you to all of our families for their generous Harvest donations! The collection was made by The Manna Day Centre, where they will distribute the food to those in need.

Whittingham Kennels

In January, we held a non uniform day to raise funds Whittingham Kennels, an animal charity in Waltham Abbey which saves retired greyhounds.  All children donated a £1 to support this fantastic charity. The money will go towards food, blankets and toys for the dogs. Thank you for your donations.

Water Aid 

For World Book Day this year we collected for Water Aid. Water Aid’s aim is to help the world’s poorest people have clean drinking water, decent toilets and good hygiene.  A £1 donation was collected from everyone who participated to go towards the great cause.

Peace and Hope Trust

A big thank you to everyone who so kindly donated uniform, shoes, clothes and toys to the Peace and Hope charity. This enabled us to drive a fully packed van up to Ross-on-Wye where the Peace and Hope Trust have their warehouse. They were extremely grateful for our donations and will send them to Nicargua in Central America.  Peace and Hope work amongst poor and marginalised communities in Nicaragua and also  kit out schools and hospitals there.

British Heart Foundation Jump Rope Challenge

Years 1 to 6 took part in a sponsored skip on the field. Each class split into small groups to try different skipping tasks including a skipping race, long rope jump and skipping tricks. We were truly impressed by the skills on show! The activity was sponsored, all in aid of The British Heart Foundation.

In total we raised an amazing £4164! Thank you everyone for your generosity.

United World Schools 

This year Coopersale Hall have been making the future brighter by helping to build a United World School in Cambodia. Along with forty other ISA schools, including fellow Oak-Tree Schools, Coopersale Hall has pledged to raise funds to set up the first school in the remote community of Pong Tek which will have a transformational impact on the whole community.

Everyone in the village of Pong Tek is currently involved in subsistence agriculture with very few other opportunities available without a basic education. There are over 1000 people living in the village and only around 5% can currently read or write. The ISA-UWS School will be a first for the community and will instantly provide a life changing opportunity for over 230 out-of-school children. UWS have informed the school that the pledges made so far have meant they can continue moving forward with the construction. As the pictures below show, they have already made a lot of progress.

We are delighted to be involved in this initiative and thank our pupils and families in advance for their support in the coming year to reach our pledge amount of £500, which started with Christmas Jumper Day on Wednesday 13 December.

Some chosen charities over recent years have been:

  • Mercy Ships
  • WE Day
  • Children in Need
  • Local Care Homes
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • ShelterBox
  • Ellie’s Fund
  • Lupus UK
  • The Royal British Legion
  • Essex Air Ambulance
  • And many more…