Brentwood School Trip

“On Monday 3 June Year 5 went on a school trip to Brentwood School.  The coach trip was 35 minutes and we soon arrived.  We were greeted by our tour guide who took us into a small assembly hall where we watched a small, i-film about the school.  We found out that it was 462 years old!  We received some bags with a ruler, a pencil, a water bottle, a cereal bar and a juice box.

We were shown to our subjects.  Our first lesson was Physics where we learnt about Isaac Newton’s third law.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  This was great fun and we enjoyed our snack afterwards.

After that we had Spanish and we learnt about the animals and how you say them.  We had a lot of fun going to Brentwood and thank you Mrs Howard and Mrs Boultwood for taking us.”