Year 2 Release Butterflies Into The Wild

During the Easter holiday, two boys from Year 2 got a wonderful surprise from the Easter Bunny.

George and Albie Stark received some caterpillars!

The boys loved nurturing their little Easter mini-beasts so much that they very kindly decided to share their experience with the rest of the children in Year 2.

Their friends have watched with awe and wonder as the caterpillars grew and grew before transforming from a chrysalis into beautiful butterflies!


On a warm Spring Wednesday morning in May, George and Albie felt that this was the right time to set their butterflies free.

George remarked, “This is a nice time for them to go out into the wild, but I hope they are not going to be nervous on their own.”

One by one, each delicate butterfly was carefully released into the wilderness of Coopersale Hall school grounds!

George Young was hopeful that the butterflies will, ‘Go and see the other schools.”

India commented that, “It was so good to take a closer look at their beautiful colours.”

The children enjoyed this butterfly experience.

Albie Stark summed it up with, “It was so much fun.”