Birthday Book Donations

We’ve had some wonderful book donations in the past few weeks, we can’t wait to get reading all of the exciting stories!


Ava in LKF has kindly donated a book for her birthday “The Koala Who Could”.  A charming story about Kevin the Koala who believed that “life can be great when you try something new”. A lovely addition to our library, thank you.

Beatrice in Y1B has also kindly donated books to the library for her birthday. “The Wizard of Oz”, “Sleep Well, Siba & Saba”, “You’re Strong With Me” and also “Where do I Be-Long?”.

They are all lovely books, but Beatrice is especially proud of “Where do I Be-Long?” because it was written by her aunty, Arianna Webb, who she loves very much.  If you like a book that is written in rhyme, then this is a good read for you.

Thank you for your donations.