Year 6 Memories – Sports

We continue to enjoy our sports at Coopersale Hall School and we are amazed, when we look back, at how many opportunities we had to represent our school.

We have resumed our swimming classes and start our day with a 15 minute run to energize ourselves ready for learning.

These are some of the events that we took part in during our time at Coopersale Hall School and how we felt about it.

Stanley: Football is my favourite Sport and I was proud to be part of the team.

Jack: This was my first match without getting subbed.  I was so pleased.

Felix: This is the first time that I got into the team.  Football is my favourite sport also.

This picture was taken when we were in Year 4.

Mateus:  This was my first swimming gala – and even though I did not get a medal I certainly learnt a lot.

Neve: I was really proud to have been in the team.

We were in Year 4

Mateus:  This is me after I did get a medal.  This was the first medal that I won and I was ecstatic.

Emily: This is Christian, Mateus and me taking a photo showing our medals that we won from the swimming gala that had taken place the day before. I felt really proud of myself! I think that shows in my smile.

Girls Cross Country Team –

Emilierose came to Coopersale Hall School when she was in Year 5.  It could not have been long before she earned a place on the cross country team.

There were over 100 people competing and we all ran our best race on the day.

Jaspreet:  My first ever tournament and it was the biggest of the year.  We came 7th and I really felt proud and happy to be a part of it.

Maria:  This is me with my cross country medal win and our cross country team.  I really like these pictures – and not just because I got a medal – also because we were a great team.  I really enjoy cross country especially when I am placed well in my race.

Sorrel, Riya, Jaspreet, Emily, Neve, Scarlett

This is the Oak Tree Netball tournament and we have the Cup in our hands as we proudly won.

Sorrel: We were happy that we won.