Year 5 Visit Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge

Year 5 have been on their first school visit.  They went to the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge in Chingford on Tuesday, 14th September.  Their homework was to draft an e-mail to the Year 5 class as Oaklands school telling them about their trip.


These are some extracts of pupil’s work which charts our visit.


Pupil: Naya


My school trip to Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge was absolutely amazing.  It was so interesting and I learnt so many new things like when Queen Elizabeth won the Spanish Armada there was a legend that she rode a white horse up the Hunting Lodge’s stairs!  Firstly, we went through the back of the lodge because Olivia, who was our tour guide made us imagine we were peasants! There we saw fake food such as a large piece of beef, vegetables and all that kind of stuff.  Olivia also taught us that the Tudors didn’t have very pleasant manners.  Especially King Henry VIII.


Pupil: Jessica


There were a lot of stairs which kept getting thinner as we walked up.  They were designed to make sure Henry VIII didn’t get out of breath.  After we walked up the stairs we talked about flags and the symbols on them.  Then we got to draw on our own on a paper shield.  I made sure to involve potatoes on mine!



Pupil: Alexander


After the table at the bottom floor, we missed out the middle floor and went straight to the top.  In there we talked about the people who used to come to the hunting lodge.  They used to bring their coat of arms with them and we had a go at making our own paper shield.  As we were drawing two people from our year were chosen to dress up, down the stairs on the middle floor as the king and queen.  After a few minutes, when our coat of arms had progressed, we were taken down to the middle floor.



Pupil: Maxwell


With our new king and queen chosen, Andres and Ruby, we found them dressed and sitting on their thrones.  The rest of us were able to try on different hats and we had a series of fun group photographs.  After thanking the guide, we exited out of the building into the pouring rain and ran desperately into the minibuses.  On our long journey back to the school, we all sang cheerful tunes to keep our spirits high.



Everyone really enjoyed the experience and they all highly recommended that the Yr5 at Oaklands took some time to visit the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge for themselves.