Children’s Mental Health week Assembly

At Coopersale Hall School, we celebrated Children’s Mental Health week from 6-12 February.  This year’s theme was “Let’s Connect” and we spent time thinking and learning about the importance of forming positive connections.

We were delighted to welcome Mrs Rose Horgan, a clinical hypnotherapist, into our school assembly on Tuesday 7 February. Mrs Horgan helped the children to explore how they might feel when connecting with people for the first time, why they may feel anxious and different ways in which they can connect with people in a rewarding and positive way. Together, we explored all the positive things that make the children feel connected, including family, friends, hugs, stroking pets, helping people and becoming part of a team.

Then it was time for some role-play, jumping back in time to the Stone Age. Jesse in 2V became a scary bear, terrorising Emilia in 4G, our Stone Age person.  However, when Gregor in 5G and Sophie in 1C were selected to become a tribe with Emilia and they all faced the bear together, becoming stronger, and were able to work together and overcome the situation.

The role-play taught the children how human connection can help us in so many different situations and can make us feel stronger. It’s important to share our problems with people as they can help us and make us feel better. A problem shared is a problem halved!

The children all engaged well with the assembly and learnt that there are many ways to create and connect with people in positive and nurturing ways.