Isabelle & Abigail’s Skiing Medals

We are delighted to celebrate the achievements of Isabelle and Abigail, who have proudly showed us a few medals they have been awarded for their skiing.

Isabelle happily answered some questions for Coopersale Hall School about her passion for skiing.

When did you start to ski?

I am really lucky as I have been skiing since I was 2 years old.  My family and I enjoy spending time in France skiing and we go often so I am pretty good at it.

How did you get your “Mountain Mouse” medal?

We had to do a few different things to get this award.  We had to learn to put our legs out and stop properly, we also had to go up a little mound and drop down, keeping upright on our ski.  There are some more skills that you have to do to get the medal so it was lovely to get it.  I do have many more medals but these are my most recent.

What kind of ski runs do you use?

When we ski now we use the dark blue and red runs.  They are really fast and I enjoy racing my sister and seeing who gets down first happy and safely.

Do you enjoy doing any other related sports?

At the moment we do ice skating a lot. I go with my sister and we are pretty good at this, because we have been going for a while.  We think that balancing on the blades helps us when we are skiing.  I would really love to learn snowboarding because it looks such fun! I found sledging good fun and sometimes when we go skiing we will spend some time doing this.  I think that this is a sport that I will always do because it’s a lovely thing our families does together.

Does it encourage you to achieve medals when you ski with your family?

I really do enjoy skiing with my sister, we have a lovely time and we are both thrilled with each other when we achieve another medal.  Each of these medals are gained when we have understood another level of skiing and we are only awarded these medals once the instructor believes we have mastered the skill properly.  We challenge ourselves and each other when we are working towards a medal.  This is something that our whole family enjoys so we all enjoy doing it to the best of our ability – it is fun and we laugh a lot together.

Mr Barham was very impressed by what the girls have achieved and he is pleased that the girls enjoy discussing their skills and achievements with him.  Very well done to you both!