ISA Digital Art Competition Submissions

We were delighted to submit the work of Jackson and Amelia for the ISA Digital Art Competition. They kindly give us their thoughts and inspiration on their work:


Amelia – Year 7

My intention was to create an old, poor man who wasn’t able to do much, but was able to sit around and observe the earth and watch the days go by. I created this work in IBS Paint. I found a sketch of an old man sitting and used this as a guide. The darker colours represent his pain and suffering, but the brighter colours signified the joy and happiness that can be found in the simple things in life, like observing his surroundings.









Jackson – Year 7

I have created a digital image of Travis Konecny who plays as number 11 for the Philadelphia Fliers, an American ice hockey team. He is skating at their home rink, The Wells Fargo Centre. I was inspired by my recent trip to America and also by the artist Henry Toulouse Lautrec that we have been studying in art class. I created my image by taking a number of photographs of the ice rink and player. I collaged them together on my computer, printed it out and used it as a guide for my final piece









Well done Amelia and Jackson for your enthusiasm and hard work!