Day in the life of a Victorian!

On 22 May Year 6 visited the Gunpowder Mills to experience life in the Victorian times.

“If you worked at the work house you could do one of three jobs; matchstick counter, shoe shiner or wash the laundry.  If you counted the matchsticks they had to have 40 matchsticks per box. If you had the job of shoe shiner your arms would ache because you have to keep doing really fast motions with your arm.  If you washed the laundry you could easily scrape your knuckles on the washing board, then there would be blood on your material that you were washing, and if the boss was next to you they deducted your wages or paid you no wages at all!” By Tayte

“In Victoria times the seaside was very different compared to now.  Instead of wearing a swimming costume you wore a dress instead.  The Victorian people liked to show off.  Rich ladies would bring their dresses and ride on

donkeys along the promenade. There was also entertainment. These were normally puppet shows of Punch and Judy.  In Victoria times they used toys that are very different to the ones we use today. Some of the toys they used were: spinning tops, china dolls, cards, ball and cup, jacks (with stones), dolly pegs and rocking horses.”

By Melissa